Funny Face, 1957

Funny Face  |  Paramount Pictures  |  103 min 

Director Stanley Donen  |  Cinematographer  |  Ray June

These screen captures should only serve as an indication of the movie’s picture quality and may not be truly representative of it.
Please consider that the screencaps can contain spoilers, nudity and violence.

|  50 pictures  |

funnyface1 funnyface2 funnyface3 funnyface4 funnyface5 funnyface6 funnyface7 funnyface8 funnyface9 funnyface10 funnyface11 funnyface12 funnyface13 funnyface14 funnyface15 funnyface16 funnyface17 funnyface18 funnyface19 funnyface20 funnyface21 funnyface22 funnyface23 funnyface24 funnyface25 funnyface26 funnyface27 funnyface28 funnyface29 funnyface30 funnyface31 funnyface32 funnyface33 funnyface34 funnyface35 funnyface36 funnyface37 funnyface38 funnyface39 funnyface40 funnyface41 funnyface42 funnyface43 funnyface44 funnyface45 funnyface46 funnyface47 funnyface48 funnyface49 funnyface50

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